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2015 International P.L.A.Y. Retreat on Thursday

Revitalize yourself in this ALL-INCLUSIVE/EXCLUSIVE, INTENSIVE, EXCITING, POWER-PACKED AND FUN 5 day/4 night RETREAT on the white sandy beaches and beautiful, crystal clear, tranquil waters of Destin Beach, Florida. FUN will be the name of the game as people from different parts of the world retreat to PLAY and Heal with lots of laughter, relaxation and reflection, creativity and excitement!

Don’t hesitate to join 2015 International P.L.A.Y. Retreat –a guaranteed good time for everyone involved! 

Event Date/Time: 
Thursday, September 24, 2015 – 4:00 PM 

Event Venue Location: 
Online/ Tele-Conference/ Anywhere (in the comfort of your home) 
Atlanta, Georgia

#Dunwoody #PLAYRetreat
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